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Dear Snoqualmie Citizens,

I am so proud of you, this has been quite a journey! Thank you for voting for me for Snoqualmie City Council, I will do my best to listen to you and to work for what we need.

I am so impressed with all of the candidates who ran for office. Lesley Sheppard with her passion for affordable housing, Monica Lowney with her passion for public safety and the environment, Cristie Coffing with her passion for youth at risk and the city's merchants and Tom Wood with his wealth of experience in engineering public utility plants. 


Thank you to all of the residents who exercise their first amendment rights to express how they feel. I am grateful to our neighboring communities who have reached out to us from unincorporated Snoqualmie, North Bend, Duvall and the Snoqualmie Tribe.

As a city council member, I am required to make all of my communication publicly available. I will be communicating through my city email address pshepard@ci.snoqualmie.wa.us.

I encourage you to contact me.


Peggy Shepard


Working for a Livable City